That’s the “Award-Winning” Gravitas, baby to you.

For someone who’s invested blood, sweat, and a few other bodily fluids into the business of Communications, I haven’t demonstrated much skill at marketing my own writings.  So it comes as a genuine surprise that this blog has been deemed worthy of mention for the Liebster Blog Award.  Even more gratifying, the blogger who nominated me is someone who’s writing talent and sense of humor I admire so.  The brief post in the link that follows, my introduction to the hilarious Lisa’s Rant , is evidence of impressive chops:

The award comes with great responsibility, an obligation to nominate other worthy blogs.  You’ll discover talent, wit, and time well-spent when you look in on their sites:

Sad and Useless

Via Lucis Photography

Crabby Old Fart

Doug Richardson’s Blog

Trashie Art

If more folks could bring this sort of originality and fighting spirit to their work, this inter-web thing may just catch on.


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