“I Am Fiscal Cliff” — the musical


It only seems like I’ve been slacking off.   This posting has taken me longer to put together, because finding the fun in our coming economic doom is pretty damned labor intensive, especially when you’re trying to say it with music.

What’s so labor intensive about a song?  I had to write the lyrics.  Reacquaint myself with the guitar to get my skill level up to marginal.  Sing at a pitch that lies somewhere between the croak of chitlin circuit comedienne, Moms Mabley, and the stylings of Brit musical talk-sing meister, Cyril Ritchard.

Think of it.  Cyril Ritchard alongside some amazing R & B synthesizer loops I picked up in Garage Band.  I even worked my way through iMovie so I could give the enterprise a modest visual component.  Yeah, Gravitas baby’s gone multimedia on y’all.

In the process, I blew through the Fiscal Cliff deadline until this moment when we stand at the edge of the Fiscal Sequester.  Maybe I should re-title the tune “I am Fiscal Lester.”

Click on the link and enjoy.  I insist.



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